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This just in…

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Happy Holidays suckas; long time no post…

Like, 10 1/2 months. Word y’all - Dominator here. Figured since Dad has become the World’s Laziest Blogger, I’d drop a little holiday cheer on your grown-up arses. Not that he has any readers left (‘cept you, Grandma, much love to my midwest homies). I mean, what’s with the unannounced blog hiatus? He’d probably say raising me is a full time job and he’s got no time to blog. Whatever. I’m probably the lowest maintenance kid ever – that ain’t it.
Here’s the real deal…he "discovered" Facebook. A real Dad-gellan, I tell you. Friggin’ Pops de Leon of the Internet age. Always loading dorky new apps, friending about, attacking vampires. Snore.
Anyway, did a little Xmas photoshoot this morning and thought I’d bless you all with one of my pics. The rest were shoddy (photog was a total amateur).
Seasons greetings.
Peace out,
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Hey you…

You’ve been tagged.

INSTRUCTIONS: Select five people to tag; those people must then go forth and copy on their own blogs:

1.       Kristan

2.       ChuckDaddy

3.       PinkHobbit

4.       DeeDub

5.       FXS

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Exactly ten years and eight days ago I moved to Portland from West Lafayette. Slept on a twin mattress on a friend’s living room floor (and did so for eight months thereafter). Interviewed at a local temp agency called Adams & Associates, the first one listed in yellow pages; they wanted to place me as an administrative clerk at their top client, "Waggener Edstrom," some little tech PR agency in town I’d never heard of. I said sure.  

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Lying on a beach in Antibes, in the French Riviera, on my honeymoon. Enjoying food, wine, culture and time with my new wife. And freedom.

Five snacks you enjoy:

1.       Spreadable swiss cheese.  

2.       Ghetto bread.

3.       Pistachios.

4.       Haagen Daz rocky road.

5.       Trail mix.

Five songs that you know all the lyrics to:

1.       Name your butt rock song, esp. anything by GnR.

2.       Pink Floyd Dark Side (all).

3.       Most songs from the Wizard of Oz and Grease (No apologies, my mom made us watch both every year growing up.)

4.       Baby Einstein (no lyrics, but I have the f’ing music drilled into my head – trust me. What does it mean when you actually start enjoying it?)

5.       Suspicious Minds, Elvis.  

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

1.       Relive my honeymoon every year, only on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

2.       Do pro bono PR for Laughing Cow, maker of spreadable swiss cheese.

3.       Work less.

4.       Buy the Cubs.  

5.       Give some of it away, most likely to the Autism Society and MAWF.

Five bad habits:

1.       Overt coolness.

2.       Unparalleled modesty.

3.       Speeding.

4.       Interrupting.

5.       Blogging.

Five things you like doing:

1.       Music.

2.       Cleaning (no shit). 

3.       Convincing people of their wrongness.  

4.       Movies.

5.       Reading.

Five things you would never wear again:

1.       Mullet.

2.       GnR concert tees.

3.       Braided belt looped up, under and down.

4.       A watch.

5.       Chuck Taylors. 

Five favorite toys:

1.       PC.

2.       Snowboard.

3.       Doorway jumper.

4.       XBox 360 (when operational).

5.       iPod.  

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Calling for a national day of mourning

For the sad departure of Fake Steve Jobs from this world. Simply the funniest blog ever. The NY Times got him. He will be missed.
FXS: did you know all along?  
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Dear Nike

Dump Michael Vick now. I promise to never buy another piece of Nike merchandise until you do. Dog fighting? Fuck that.
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Go, Mark Cuban, Go!

I just caught wind that Mark Cuban applied to buy my beloved Cubbies. Oh, what a great thing this would be – the guy spends whatever it takes to build a winner, and, unlike the NBA, there’s no salary cap*. We’d have a WS team probably in two years. Fingers, toes, eyes crossed.
*Just watch the league scramble to "re-think" not having a salary cap if this goes through. Cuban’s estimated net worth is $1.8b, so he’d easily be able to compete with the AL’s $200m payrolls.
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